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GCX is an Israeli courier company with an international deployment of more than 220 countries worldwide.
The company was founded to serve as an innovative solution for delivering packages from abroad to the customer's home. It provides innovative logistics solutions for companies and individuals, and offers shipping solutions in Israel and abroad, in the most professional service and at competitive prices.
In 2016, the company handled over half a million packages and is the largest Israeli company in its field. In recent years, the field of e-commerce has evolved all over the world, becoming the main expertise of GCX.
In order to deal effectively with the challenges of shipping in the field of e-commerce, the company developed the most advanced technologies in the world, based on unique work processes for fast and efficient treatment of each customer.
Today, GCX offers its customers professional services, including expertise in shipments purchased over the web, professional experience in the classification according to Israeli Customs requirements and laws, based on extensive knowledge in the field.
Hundreds of employees work daily to ensure that GCX's delivery services continues to be among the best in the world. This service is based on daily flights with various airlines from Asia, Europe and the USA, landing in Israel and taking off from it, which ensures the speed and availability of the arrival of the shipments.
In recent years, GCX has been working to integrate advanced technologies for continuous management and improvement of the customer service, while adapting unique solutions for different customers according to their needs.
Our slogan, “My Courier Choice”, expresses our values of excellence and service to ensure that we continue to be your choice, while maintaining the quality and quality of service.
We believe that the choice is in your hands and proud of this choice every time 

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GCX, which specialized in package and mail forwarding, provides business solutions and B2B services from Israel to all over the world. The company provides innovative logistics solutions to companies, offering forwarding solutions in Israel and abroad, in the most professional service and at competitive prices.
GCX operates daily shipping services through various airlines to East Asia, Europe and the USA, with a unique specialization in handling business shipments from Bangladesh and China.
In addition, GCX operates a department specializing in emergency dispatch services, emergency situations, and shipping with or without accompanying passenger.
GCX has a skilled team that engages in the issuing approvals according to the requirements of the law for shipments requiring transportation and health permits, in full coordination with the health, transportation and customs authorities.

We invite you to contact GCX's sales representative to arrange an introductory meeting with no obligation and we will be happy to present you with unique solutions that are suitable for you.

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