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GCX is the largest Israeli courier company in Israel.

The company specializes in B2C and B2B courier deliveries and E-commerce in imports and exports, and as a customs broker, it executes the complete operational procedure in deliveries. Including release from customs and delivery to the recipient.

The only company in Israel with an ISO certificate for E-Commerce services, by the Israeli Standards Institute.

GCX relies on innovative and highly advanced technology in order to respond to the dynamic needs of a market where consumer behavior, shows extremely rapid changes. 

The company’s service offering also includes urgent courier deliveries and life-saving, as part of its membership in an international courier network and the fact that it represents leading global couriers and commerce sites from Asia and the U.S.

The accelerated growth of E-commerce globally and in particular in Israel, requires investments in operation and service processes optimization.

 GCX handles hundreds of thousands of deliveries annually, for various well-known brands and websites, from various countries across the world, which are offered to Israeli consumers through the various websites.

 The company is committed to complying with the strictest standards of international suppliers, regarding the service quality to the packages’ recipients and proud of its high achievements with a KPI of over 95%.

As an authorized and authorized agent, through the Customs of Israel, GCX is committed to complying with importing rules of the Israeli Tax Authority, in all aspects of cargo release and takes every required action, in order to deliver the package to its recipients as quickly as possible, all in order to fulfill a completion of high quality of shopping service experience, to the end consumers.

For the purpose of these services, GCX employs professional employees, permit clerks, customs brokers and utilizes advanced IT systems that make the provided services more efficient.

The company has representatives in more than 250 countries across the world.

• The company provides a variety of international delivery and customs brokerage in Israel and abroad.

• B2B and B2C international deliveries, and customs brokerage services

• The company is a licensed customs broker.

• The company has longstanding experience and professionalism, in classification in accordance with the importing laws and regulations, of the Israeli Customs.

• The company provides a variety of options in the delivery to the recipients, with more than a 1,000 nationwide distribution centers.

• The company provides fast, high-quality and professional service, with easy and efficient online communication with the company and its suppliers through the website.

• The only company in Israel with an ISO 9001:2015, Fast Courier and Custom Brokerage Services for International Cargo certificate

• The only company in Israel with an ISO 9001:2015 Door-to-Door Custom Brokerage and E-Commerce Services for International Cargo certificate

• The company provides, inter alia, export and return services for private and business customers

Our slogan is “My Courier Choice”, expressing our core values of excellence and service in order to keep being your choice, with strict attention to the service quality, excellence, professionalism