Our unique services in China and Hong Kong:
A unique service for importers who require the information supplier / manufacturer not be indicated on the freight delivered to the end customer in Israel, in order to protect the sources of the suppliers, rather than be exposed to competition as a result. 
The handling of CAE CONFIDENTIAL includes picking up the shipment from the supplier, removal of stickers, labels, brochures, catalogs or any other reference suggesting of origin of the shipment, and sending it to the  target country.
CHINA DROP EXPRESS – A delivery service from China to third parties at affordable prices, as well as tracking the shipment from booking upon arrival at its final destination. Pickup from China and Hong Kong directly to a third party client in any country in the world, without having to transfer the shipment via Israel. This service entails huge savings for customers who would like the shipment to reach the factory or customer around the world directly, without its arrival in Israel. 
CHINA DROP CONFIDENTIAL - A delivery service from China and Hong Kong to a third party, i.e. any country in the world except Israel. 
CHINA DROP CONFIDENTIAL services focuse on the client’s preference not to disclose the source of the supplier / manufacturer from whom the goods were purchased, and accordingly, remove any paperwork or reference indicating the source of the goods. 
Our company attains the new P/L (packing list) commercial invoice, with the end receiver’s address, and produces a bill of lading in which the “new” supplier is the client in Israel.
Paperwork Exchange Service - This service is a unique service that enables clients in Israel to pickup goods from their suppliers in China and Hong Kong, and ask to present the delivery to their end clients in Israel or in any other country in the world, without revealing the details of the source / supplier to end customer. As stated above, this is achieved by removing any identifying marks and the accompanying paperwork received by the supplier, and replacing the paperwork, which will be sent to the client requesting the service. 
Importantly, this unique option allows clients to save a great deal, due to the fact that the freight be delivered to the end customer without going through Israel or through the factory / customer's office in the Israel, while control of the confidentiality of the sender is provided by a GCX’s professional staff, both in Israel and abroad. 
The service renders the saving of thousands of dollars annually. 
Pickup and distribution of domestic courier services within China and Hong Kong. 
This service originated from the need to transfer shipments within China and Hong Kong, serving commercial needs. In addition, this service is designated for the Israeli client who purchases goods from various sources and is interested in concentrating the goods in one productive factory, which produced the end product for him, and from there fly it to Israel. 
It is important to note that this service can and should use CHINA CONFIDENTIAL in order not to reveal the chain of suppliers to the manufacturing plant. 
A unique and exclusive service at GCX, which offers importers to pay suppliers and collect the goods at their earliest convenience, thereby avoiding the need of employing bank transfers from country to country and paying various bank fees, as well as annulling the fear that they are faced with claims by the vendor that payment has not been received. 
We are proud to show that Israeli importers who visit exhibitions in China utilize this service and thereby avoid paying high bank fees for goods with low monetary value, while on the other hand, guaranteeing themselves that full payment will indeed be made. In addition, a GCX representative will be available, in order to take care of transporting the goods in a swift and skillful manner at the end of the payment process.