Company GCX - Global Courier Express Ltd., is the exclusive representative of several leading companies within the field of courier services: 


The Chinese courier services company which is owned by the government of China, and AIR CHINA airlines, specialize in courier services throughout China. The company has thousands of pickup points, and hundreds of domestic flights, as well as the concentration in HAB (logistic warehouse) in Hong Kong or Guangzhou. From there the shipment is transported via a direct flight to Israel. 
CHINA AIR EXPRESS is a provider of local pickup services for other courier services companies, thanks to the logistics and deployment of their skilled and senior team, who enjoy government support and priority for transportation throughout China. 
CHINA AIR EXPRESS shipments are the only ones who employ direct flights from the East to Israel, while other companies have to stop at the port where their HAB (logistic warehouse) is located, before their connecting flight to Israel. 

Time: matters  is the largest company in Europe designated for emergency courier services. The company is a subsidiary of the German airline Lufthansa.
The company specializes in urgent courier services and in emergency logistics, as well as in freight transportation of which the arrival of the shipment at its destination is of critical significance. 
Time:matters has approximately 150 service stations worldwide and a layout of 600 central service destinations, from which it operates over 900 connection flights in 91 countries. 
Some of the emergency courier services are: 
As a part of our comprehensive solutions, we provide swift services, including: 
UBC-UN Accompanies Courier – Emergency courier services which is timed as of the receipt of an emergency order unto the arrival of the freight at its final destination. 
Within the entire process, different parameters that are taken into consideration in order to meet the promised schedule are measured, such as the location of the pickup point, access roads, rush hour traffic and the formation of the appropriate route in order to shorten the duration of transportation, as well as finding the best-suited means of transportation (motorcycle, bicycle, car, truck, helicopter, airplane tiny, etc.) and of course, managing processes with airport authorities and local customs, regarding both leaving and arriving. 
OBC-On Board Courier / Hand Carry – Emergency courier services, designated for shipments of high commercial value and sensitivity that require escort by a personal representative, upon receiving the pickup order unto the arrival at the final destination, by personal delivery. The pickup procedure and operation are similar to the regular emergency courier service as described above.