Emergency courier services: 
GCX is the exclusive representative of the emergency courier services provider time:matters. With time:matters, the arrival time between the countries is short, and the transportation duration is shortened from days to mere hours. 
The service is unique, as it is tailor-made according to customer’s needs and demands. The service’s rate is calculated from pickup, through the port storage and the employment of an emergency security procedure, unto loading it in the plane and then the unloading. From this point, the freight will undergo a swift customs procedure in the country of import, and its distribution in emergency service, until it reaches its final destination.
This service may entail a passenger escort, who accompanies the delivery from the time of its pickup until its personal delivery to the client.
The benefits of the service:
*Arrival time guaranteed. 
* Each delivery service is uniquely tailored to the customer needs. 
* Regular updates, at every stage of delivery, from start to finish. 
* Money back guarantee if the supply was made after the promised schedule.