Customs Clearance:
All of GCX’s courier shipments arrive in Israel and are released from customs in unique quick procedure, called “PRE CLEARANCE “. By this method the goods are released from customs while the packages have not yet landed in the country and stored at the cargo and handling terminal. This procedure optimizes the rate of delivery for the end recipient of the shipment. 
For example, one can see shipments that land early in the morning transferred to the distribution center before 8:00am and reaching the final recipient by the early hours of the afternoon. 
Release process is divided into two parts: 
A. Releasing shipments of up to a $1,000 value: The shipment’s release takes place prior to the actual arrival of the goods in Israel by means of paperwork that is forwarded to us by the agent in time.
When the shipments arrive in Israel, a matching is made vis-à-vis the shipment's original paperwork. If there is a match, the goods are distributed to the client.
This procedure is fast and highly effective, as our shipments leave our office branch at the Israeli airport early during the business day.
B. Releasing shipments of over a $1,000 value: "Individual shipments” valued at over $1,000 undergo meticulous inspection at customs, due to their value and their contents. The customs clearance staff at the airport professionally transmits the goods to the customs house, thus allowing customs to release the delivery in a simple and swift manner.
C. Release by the customs agent: Door to door services of release shipments process by the same company is preferable to stopping the process and transferring the paperwork to another customs clearance agent, both in time and in terms of costs. Yet some of our clients have been working with the same customs agents for years, therefore, with GCX, the clients can request transferring the paperwork to their own customs agent.