Express Import - China and Hong Kong: 
GCX specializes in importing door-to-door courier express shipments from China and Hong Kong, employing a fast, efficient and professional direct service. The efficiency of the service is rooted in the services of a CAE, the national courier company of China, specializing in door-to-door services, and pickups from 6000 points located throughout China. The freight is picked up and flown from the distribution center (HAB) based in Hong Kong, rather than in U.S. or Europe, bases which other companies utilize. 
The advantage of this service is that it offers a fast, efficient and professional direct service. 
In addition to fast professional service, our price is one of the lowest prices in the market.
The benefits of the service: 
* Direct flights - Hong Kong to Israel. 
* One of the lowest prices in the market. 
* Fast arrival time. 
* Human response at an Israeli desk. 
* Personal contact person for the client. 
* One contact person in China and Hong Kong - for all shipments. 
* “Fire daily and forget” - shipment tracking from the moment the client files an order, unto its arrival in Israel.