GCX specializes in logistic solutions, international courier services and customs clearance nationwide, including the representation of airlines, shipping companies, logistics warehouses holding companies and more. The company is a subsidiary of Krief Group, one of the most renowned and highly valued companies in Israel. 
GCX was founded in 2005 in order to provide advanced courier services to a wide range of importers and exporters. The company stresses value innovation, and emphasizes identifying customer needs in all its activities, as well as its differentiation regarding its competition. 
GCX began its exposure in the courier services market as the exclusive Israeli representative of China's national courier, CHINA AIR EXPRESS. The company meticulously maintained groundbreaking pickup and arrival times in the freight transportation market, alongside affordable rates. Accordingly, within a short period of time, the company became the preferred courier services company for leading Israeli companies in the field of imports from China. 
GCX's success grew with the further representation of international companies. Among the prominent companies is , the fifth largest courier services network, which covers courier services to or from any point on earth.  Another representation GCX received is that of Lufthansa’s TIME MATTERS: considered to be the best in the world, it is a company that is able to transport emergency shipments within few hours. In addition, GCX represents BIO CARE, which specializes in transportation of goods for the pharmaceutical industry and urgent transplant deliveries, to and from all over the world. 
GCX understands that in a competitive and saturated market, the only way to create differentiation is by value innovation, as well as by tailoring courier solutions for customers who are looking for the very best. GCX's versatility as a courier company is realized in the creation os the most suitable solution to the needs of the client, which stems from paying close attention to our clients and their needs. 
GCX operates in accordance to the slogan that accompanies it, " MY COURIER CHOICE”: as our motto is being the right choice for our customers, while justifying their choice of working with is, time and time again.